Saturday, January 9, 2016

Testing the Skoda Octavia RS 230

I love cars, and car was literally the first word i spoke, and I've been extremely passionate about them every since. When I was two years old I could name every car that passed us, and I still can (even though it's not that impressive anymore).

I am in the process of switching my company car since the lease is running out. In Norway we tax the heck out of cars, making powerful cars very very expensive. With expensive I mean top in the world expensive, only surpassed by Denmark. This means that most cars in Norway are diesel estates with about 100 horse powers. Not very impressive. My current company car is a VW Passat estate with a diesel engine, 105 HP and manual gear. Pretty standard.

Since Sony is a large international company they have set specific guidelines for choosing a company car, which means I can only choose between BMW, Audi, Mercedes, VW and Skoda. The premium German cars are very nice, but in Norway you also have to pay a benefit tax on company cars. This means that the more expensive a car is to purchase, the more you have to pay in tax. The amounts are very significant on the paycheck. Premium German cars are therefore out of the equation: too expensive with regards to what I can get back for a family car.

That means I'm pretty much left with VW and Skoda. I could go for another VW Passat, but I'm not really that satisfied with the one I have today. Then there's the Touran, the family vehicle numero uno. Liv-Kristin wants this. We've had one before, and I HATED it. Blærgh! Practical, but oh so boring to drive.

Then were left with Skoda. They only have two vehicles that matches our needs and profile. The Octavia and the Superb, with Superb being the more premium larger vehicle. Liv-Kristin and I went to a dealership and looked at both. Our problem, or should I say Liv-Kristin's problem, was that the car salesman quickly noticed what kind of car I would like. The Skoda Octavia RS 230. This is a fairly priced family estate with a ludicrous engine. 2 litre 230HP, sports exhaust, 19 inch rims and sport trimming inside. This is my car!

I was able to borrow the car for a couple of days to test it, and oh what a blast it was. It does 0-100km/h in 7.0 with the automatic gearbox (DSG), and even though it snowed the whole time I had it, you could definitely feel it. The car has three types of modes, Eco (boring), Normal (OK) and Sport (the one to choose). In 'Sport' a couple of valves changes the sound of the exhaust to an aggressive growl and tighter and shorter gearshifts. They cheat a little bit with the sound, pushing engine noise through the Canton speaker system, but this is ok. I like the illusion.

Rarely have I had so much fun during my commute to work. I do not exceed the speed limits (too old for that stuff), but I love getting to it fast. Holy heck! The noise, the push, the feel. Amazing.

Earlier today I brought Liv-Kristin and the kids for a ride to test the car. Liv-Kristin is negative, since it's a little bit smaller than our current car, and our current car isn't the ideal size. Understandable, but I think she forgets how much fun the car is.

Since I drive about 40.000km a year just commuting for work, and we drive only 5.000km together as a family, I get to choose. :-)

Conclusion: Looking forward to getting the RS!

No more excuses! Push push push!


  1. I would like to share my story too. I am also having Skoda Octavia since 2016, bought from authorized skoda dealer from India and I am very much happy with my car. The car is too good in performance, security and comfort for me and my family.

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