Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hectic Work Week + Fastelavn

This last week has been quite hectic, so it's been difficult for me to update the blog. On Monday morning I traveled to Denmark for a customer show that Sony has each year. There we show all of the new products for the upcoming year, and it was quite nice. We have a few new audio products that rock and a whole new TV line-up that will kick ass! Can't show any pictures...

Since I'm sales manager for Norway I got to spend time with several different customers from Monday until Wednesday. The days were long, but still productive, and I can live with long days as long as they are productive!

In the mornings I managed to find some time to work out as well. We have recently changed hotel to Scandic Copenhagen, and it's fairly close to a, where I can have a proper workout.

I was fortunate enough to test a new pair of Sony MDR-AS800BT at the gym as well. They are in-ear Bluetooth headphones made for sweaty ears. The sound is great, and they fit perfectly at the gym. You should definitely try them out!

I did not feel all that well on Thursday and Friday, so those days went by a bit slow. However, on Saturday and Sunday I got to spend some real time with the family again. This Sunday is what we call Fastelavn, which marks the start of the fast period before Easter. We celebrate this with sweet buns filled with whipped cream and jam. The hard-core people also add a slice or two of marzipan as well. Yum.

It's good it's not diet time yet!

The rest of the day was just spent relaxing with the family and playing Rocket League! So much fun!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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